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AVmixer Pro by its creator VJ Fader

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*Anyone who is attending this presentation will receive a free copy of AVmixer Pro!*

A hands-on lecture on how to master the AVmixer Pro VJ software from its creator VJ Fader. He will guide the participants from overview to more advanced tips and tricks on how to use this powerful live visual performance software. For more info and download a free trial copy for Mac & PC please visit: http://neuromixer.com/collections/avmixer/products/avmixer-pro

AVmixer Pro is a three channel video mixer with real-time effects designed for live visual performance at concerts, dance parties, and corporate events. It has a simple interface that mimics the traditional DJ mixing style. All of the on-screen UI elements are touchscreen friendly for quick and fast interaction. Additionally it is compatible with MIDI so you may control all main functions via your favorite MIDI controller or iPad.

Key Features:

Mix three channels of video
Touchscreen friendly interface
Software keystone
Real-time compositing
Real-time video effects
FreeFrame support
Syphon support for Mac
Support full range of MIDI controllers

System Requirements:
- Windows or Mac OSX
- Latest Quicktime player installed
- 512 MB of RAM or higher
- Some additional third-party drivers (for PC users only)

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