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ShiTv AV Live

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‘Dancing with myself’ has become more hi-tech since Billy Idol sang about it way back when. ShiTv lets you dance yourself into the movie, then throws it onto objects with splendid effects that change constantly while syncing it all together in time to the beat of the dance floor. Each event has its own design and every night a custom-made concept with new content that reflects the spirit of the night. The performances remain fresh and dynamic with interaction at the core of the art.

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Geodesic Led Sphere
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Geodesic Dome
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Builders of a Foreign Nation
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Ghost Flash
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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
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Live Cinema Festival 2018
01.08.18 | September 20 - 23, 2018

Mission humanitaire Afrique
15.07.18 | The NGO Towards a better world

LPM 2018 Rome
07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy

25.05.18 | test2

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