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Video Installation
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Exploring links between generative image and sound experimental, this audiovisual installation seeks to emphasize the relationship of these with the material universe, evoking shapes, movements and soundscapes that intend to make macrocosm analogies in the imagination of the viewer.

A pulsar is a neutron star which has a dense magnetic field with periodic radiations, causing the attraction of particles to the center of it, to expand again by the pressure that is exerted evoking pulsations.

So, through experimentation and synchronization between sound and image, the viewer will see a reinterpretation of the flow and evolution of these stellar bodies, figurations where may levy electromagnetic pulses through atmospheric sounds and noises at regular intervals that simultaneously modify the image.

The installation will be presented in a Liquid Crystal Display 42'', placed on a stand that allows it to be attached to the wall, simulating a picture "on the move", for audio will be connected headphones so that the viewer is immersed in the piece, avoiding external noise, the piece will be looping indefinitely.

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