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Megattera begins in August 2010 from the alternation of three musicians Matthew (guitar), Gianni (guitar) and Michele (bass).
After an initial period of focused acoustic improvisations, the three decide to extend their education by introducing a fourth element, Cristiano (drums).
The compositions of the trio, backed by the rhythm section of the new component, acquire a haunting and melancholy sound reminiscent of bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You.
Simultaneously the two guitarists develop an electronic project to be proposed by the gloomy industrial parallel to ideas entire quartet.
From this set of experiments there is definitively the Progetto Megattera.
The current line up includes only two elements to manage the entire compositional dimension, both in the studio during their live set, the duo tends to draw its own unique sounds' constantly supported by video installations by Cristiano Correddu aka "Koreman visual".
Environments saturated and diluted harmonies create a mechanism unique emotional and evocative.

Guests of the performance:

Micaela_Mica Bechini

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