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AV Performance
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LINES- Performed at Gegen Berlin, Mix, '07 Jan 2011

A Video clip of this performance can be seen on royalkateness.com/whitey/ [http://royalkateness.com/whitey/] (example 4)

A simple patch was created in Quarz Composer, which created 3 sets of lines. Two were white, horizontal and one was red and fan-like. The one set of horizontal lines is controlled by a midi controller, while the other two sets are controlled by both live sound analyses and a midi controller.

They are projected on Her Royal Whiteness. She moves in front of a black background, keeping the centre of her body still.

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Ghost Flash
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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
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SPQR June 2015
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Jessica Rabbit
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The Princess Bride
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LPM 2017 Amsterdam
18.05.17 | 18-21 May

Lab. 7 art contest
05.03.17 | The Malamegi company is raffling the creation of a new collection of works by the selection of one artist among the 12 finalists of the contest.

19.11.16 | festival for time-based experiments

Amorphous beta version
17.11.16 | Audiovisual Performance Exhibition

Art Vision Contest
23.09.16 | Mapping and VJing competition

Live Cinema Festival 2016
07.09.16 | September 7 - 11 2016, Rome

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