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Taedium Project

Project showcase
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We produce dark, uneasy and not-so "club-y" sounds.

We produce music ranging from post electronic dubstep to abstract, from downtempo to trip-hop.

We produce music with an uncompromised style that fits our perception of what's "underground".

We know our starting point but we don't know where we're going to end up.

While everything is moving too fast, we don't care and just let it pass.

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Ghost Flash
Ацаніць: -1УНІЗ
Downloads: 0
Праглядаў: 3078

YOU, 2015
Ацаніць: 0NONE
Downloads: 12
Праглядаў: 3338

draw-strings, horns, boost
Ацаніць: +1УВЕРХ
Downloads: 30
Праглядаў: 4079

SPQR June 2015
Ацаніць: 0NONE
Downloads: 10
Праглядаў: 3956

Jessica Rabbit
Ацаніць: 0NONE
Downloads: 14
Праглядаў: 4790

The Princess Bride
Ацаніць: 0NONE
Downloads: 8
Праглядаў: 4397


Shiny Toys Festival 2017
02.12.17 | festival for time based experiments

LPM 2017 Amsterdam
18.05.17 | 18-21 May

04.05.17 | MalVecino Visual Set

Desert Dreams
28.04.17 | Visual set for Raya

White Noise
21.04.17 | MalVecino Visual Set

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