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[URBAN.LAB] : BUDAPESZT it's an audio-visual performance inspired by urban space of capital city of Hungary being created by EleKTro mOOn Vision in coperation with sound artist from Cracow - LazyLab (Jędrzej Rusin known also as Unstable Routine).

The project handles the city as a complex living organism with structured personality which evolves, mutates and transforms having impact on it's citizens.

[URBAN.LAB] performance is created in the way of improvised action on audio and visual footage previously recorded in the space of the examined city. Both the audio and video are exposed to digital manipulation/reconstruction during the performance where picture is created under the sound influence and opposite during the live act bringing a new perspective of the city character.

www.myspace.com/lazysoundlab [http://www.myspace.com/lazysoundlab" target="_blank]

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