DVJ using Ableton and Max for Live

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More and more artists are blurring the boundaries between being a DJ and VJ with audiovisual performances. Although such audio and visual elements can be achieved in separate software and inner communication, this requires jumping between different software and different screens.

This workshops considers the use of Ableton Live, the leading DAW for audio performance, and Cycling 74's Max for Live, an embedded version of Max/MSP within live. By using the open source package VIZZable, now it is possible to trigger video clips inside Live. This will be demonstrated by using music videos to construct a simple system for live DVJing.

Other than DVJs looking for a single solution for live performance, this workshop would also be of interest to VJs, video artists involved with Live Cinema, and musicians. Note, no technical knowledge of Max/MSP is needed as VIZZable is plug and play.

Although both Ableton Live and Max/MSP are both commercial software, this workshop focuses on the open source project VIZZable and James' own open-source LiVID package.

An overview of the workshop is as follows:
* Start with a sort 2-5 minute demonstration of DVJing using music videos.
* Session view in Live for triggering audio clips.
* Very basic overview of Max/MSP and M4L (no technical discussion, only artistic).
* Discuss how video can be edited and sequenced in Live.
* Introduce VIZZable.
* Build a simple system for live performance.
* (Optional) Talk about using Ableton and M4L for Live Cinema using James' custom and open source patches.

A proof of concept can be found on James' blog:


LPM 2014 Eindhoven
  • 26.06.14 |


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  • Працягласць (хвіліны): 60 min.
  • Тып тэга: Workshop
Each participant need their own laptop (Windows or OSX). Both Ableton and Max/MSP can be downloaded as 30-day free trials respectively (https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/ and http://cycling74.com/downloads/).

VIZZable is an open-source suite of Max for Live patches and can be downloaded here http://vizzable.zeal.co/download/

Participants should have both Live and Max preinstalled. If WiFi isn't available, a USB can be used to distribute VIZZable.


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James Leahy is an Irish-born, Berlin-based multimedia artist and composer, who recently graduated with Distinction in a Master of Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London. James is also a first-class honors graduate of the Master of Arts Music Technology program from the University of Limerick, and runs the record label DeFunc Art. James is currently involved in numerous musical projects, most notably his solo work, Gray Dawn and Strawberry Complexity, and presently writing the script for his debut short film . His artwork, films, and music have been publicly displayed and performed live in Ireland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, and has also been featured by CMC Ireland.

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